What does success look like for you?

Go after your dreams and become the architect of your life. It’s time to finally embrace that confident, active, resilient mindset you always wanted to have.

The journey is so much faster and easier with a bit of method to our madness, an action plan and the support of a coach that pushes you to reach higher, supports you and encourages your self-efficiency and accountability!

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I’m Laetitia, Certified Health & Wellbeing Coach

A country girl and nature lover since my toddlers years, I have always nurtured a deep interest for natural healing, human nature, and behaviour.

I have been lucky enough to experience the expat life, moving between Belgium and the United States. Today, I live in the heart of beautiful Bavaria, Germany!

Today I help juggling, overbooked women embrace the new daily self-care habits that will make them feel good in their mind & bodies so that they finally have the energy to tackle their to-do list, balance their professional aspirations and their personal dreams, and spend more quality time with their loved ones. I have a particular interest for medical burnout, chronic pain and chronic illness.

holistic life coaching

Find structure, support & accountability

Life coaching

1 or 3 months program for wellbeing, fullfilment, personal development and self-realisation

Health Coaching

1 or 3 months program to improve fitness and health, physical and mental wellness, vitality and strength.

Heal Burnout

3 months program to regain health, positivity, balance, energy, self-confidence and self-efficacy

Bye Chronic Pain

6 months program to lower pain naturally with neurosciences, lifestyle medicine & pain psychology

wheel of life

The 8 Dimensions of Wellbeing

  • Health & Fitness 70% 70%
  • Personal development / Growth 40% 40%
  • Fun & recreation 95% 95%
  • Social life -Friends and family (connection & belonging) 75% 75%
  • Relational (romance, intimacy, communication) 55% 55%
  • Spiritual (beliefs, ethics, personal values & alignment) 30% 30%
  • Professional life (personal fulfilment, career, purpose) 85% 85%
  • Finances 60% 60%

what is holistic wellness

Love your life. Love yourself

How happy are you with your life right now? This simple question is at the center of my coaching.

Wellbeing is a sense of satisfaction with one’s self, one’s life and accomplishments. It involves a “combination of a person’s physical, mental, emotional and social health factors”. Happiness, although different for everyone, starts within yourself. By loving yourself and loving your life. And this is accomplished through self-care, self-discovery and acceptance, and building a life you love, brick by brick. One habit at a time. 

The Wheel of Life is a tool that helps us assess your satisfaction in the different aspects of your life.  It helps you become aware of  your needs and desires, and make choices leading towards them. By gaining clarity on what success looks like for you in each dimension, you will be able to set inspiring objectives for yourself.

Holistic Life Coaching is all about engaging you in this process.  Deciding which pillar is a priority for you right now, and where it ends, is your decision.  I am here to guide you and support you on that adventure together, help you put together an action plan to reach wellness objectives and progress towards a life you are proud of.

Change is possible

With the right kind of support, planning and partnership, what seemed insurmountable is now possible!

As your coach I am here to build your motivation, help you define your destination, clear up the path, discover your strengths and fears, challenge you to reach higher and to overcome road blocks. You can gain the confidence to go after your dreams, and build a life that you are proud of!

You can build happiness

Happiness is found when you are fully present in the moment, doing what brings you joy, or feelings of purpose and achievement. Let's add more of that into your life!

You have untapped potential

Each one of us has untapped potential, waiting, just outside of our comfort zone. You can gain the tools and insight to mine it. Let's challenge what's limiting you!

Small changes lead to big results

Transformation is reached through small steps. Change is in your daily habits. By creating new daily routines we can overhaul your life and health, without overwhelm.

Making a plan brings clarity

Coaching uncovers insights and pushes you to reflect in a way you would not alone. With clarity and a plan, you can finally take action steps to go after your big dreams!

working with me

Together we can go farther

Coaching is not a one-time-fix-all medical consultation, but rather a gradual evolution, a transformation process. It also differs from most psychological consultations in the fact that the coach is active in the process, and that it involves taking action steps and making progress towards one's goals in multiple areas of life. For that reason, in addition to being open to change, one must also take the time. The time for introspection and self-discovery. The 3-months length is therefore not chosen by chance, it is this rather the length of time proven to be needed to fully experiment with new strategies, build new life habits that stand the test of time, and to start seeing lasting results

On your quest to positive health and life outcomes, I support you in 3 major ways:

écoute bienveillante

You are not alone

All the goodwill in the world is not always enough... As a trained life, health and wellbeing coach, I am here to offer a listening ear in the absence of judgement, and give you all my attention with compassion and kindness. I abstain from offering unwanted advise, and provide it only when required. During our sessions, you are in a safe and supportive space with a trained professional.

objectifs de coaching

Self-awareness is the key

Only what you are not aware of can block you. That is why we will encourage discovery and investigation. First, through the principles of motivational interviewing and appreciative inquiry, together we investigate and evaluate your personal qualities and the strengths that will help you surpass yourself. Next, based on your values, we will establish a personal health plan that is grounded and reachable, yet audacious.

coaching santé et bien-être

Uncover your inner wisdom

Finally we collaborate to create objectives that encourage your sense of self-efficacy and self-confidence. I then hold you accountable and offer direct feedback. For instance I do not shy away from questioning the limiting thoughts and beliefs that might hinder your progress. I also share ideas, tools, strategies and readings when needed or desired. You have all the asnwers

my coaching process

Step out of your comfort zone

Your transformation starts with YOU. Change is a part of life, but it can be overwhelming and down right scary at times. I am here to help you get out of procrastination and implement small changes that will bring out bigger changes in the future. You can gain the tools to implement change. If you allow it, the coaching process will help you change your way of thinking, surmount difficulties and overcome obstacles, to reach those positive outcomes you are seeking. This process is an adventure, and we are in it together!


my coaching process


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Health and Wellbeing Coach do?

A Health and Wellbeing Coach acts as a mentor who keeps clients accountable. They bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and the client by helping clients to build positive, sustainable behavioural lifestyle changes. They will:

  1. Work with you to define a vision of your ideal state of health and wellbeing based on your values, priorities and needs;
  2. Motivate and empowers you by helping you uncover and expand your strengths;
  3. Listen to you and ask insightful questions;
  4. Promote self-acceptance, self-respect and self-esteem;
  5. Energise and challenge you to reach higher at the right moment;
  6. Celebrate your successes;
  7. Mentor you and show you how to coach yourself so you can replicate your successes;
  8. Helps you overcome your personal barriers and limitations or negative thinking;
  9. Is kind-hearted, supportive and compassionate;
  10. Offers a safe space free of judgment;
  11. Encourages independence and autonomy;
  12. Encourages self-efficacy - the trust that you can accomplish things on your own and motivate you to become expert in your own health;
  13. Offers education, guidance and ideas only when desired or necessary
Do you guarantee confidentiality?

Of course!

I am an independent practitioner and I am not linked to any governmental agency. In sessions with me you have a right for privacy and confidentiality.

As a Coach and as a Clinical Psychologist, I offer neutral and professional help in a benevolent and confidential setting according to both the Coach and the Belgian Psychologists Code of Deontology.

For this reason, our sessions and messages take place on encrypted platforms or in private spaces.

Is teleconsultation as efficient as face-to-face sessions?

Short answer is: yes, it is!

The concern is usually that consultations online will not be as personable than consultations in person. It is true for example that body language is not as easy to detect on the screen. This issue can be mitigated by ensuring a quality video, lighting conditions, and making appropriate use of silence. I also offer a 30' free discovery call so you can see if it would work for you.

Teleconsultation does actually offer a few advantages compared to in-person sessions:
- it is accessible to people who otherwise could not access such services locally; 

- it saves time (no driving, no traveling);

- it is more convenient (it allows you to have a session from the comfort of your own home or office);

- it often is more affordable.

The efficiency of telehealth has been proven through mutliples studies. Those studies show that the benefits of CBT therapy online is equal to those of therapy face-to-face. The same goes for coaching, where teleconsultation is more the norm.

Here are a couple of articles on this topic:

Wellbeing Coach vs Psychologist

Warning: Coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy, or psychiatric or medical treatments 

Coaching vs Psychotherapy

Coaching and Psychotherapy are two complementary methodologies that correspond to different stages of well-being. When someone is in depression, they need the expertise of a mental health professional (psychologist or psychotherapist or counselor) in order to regain their initial balance and state of well-being.

The coach however, intervenes when someone wants to grow and journey towards their ideal of health and well-being. Wherever the Psychotherapist often focuses and works on the past, the coach focuses and works on the future.

The coach thus works as a complement to health experts (doctors, therapists). S.he takes the time --where the doctor often doesn't have it, to find strategies in order to support patient's objectives. S.he supports his/her client's expertise, and will help him/her follow the plan put in place by the experts in order to increase the patient's compliance to treatment.

Health Coach vs Fitness Coach

Warning: Coaching is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy!

Health Coaching vs Fitness Coach

A fitness coach is a fitness expert who creates a workout plan in order to reach your particular fitness goal (gain muscle, lose weight, runa marathon). The fitness coach consults, directs, plans and advises.

The health coach on the other hand, listens and supports your paln, and your goals. S.he  accepts and encourages your expertise about your health, wellbeing and goals. Through coaching tools and methodologies, s.he supports your objectives and works collaboratively to create your personalized health and wellbeing plan, and define your short and long term goals afterwards. Those are objectives you chose and complete.

The objective of the health coach is to motivate you, to encourage you, to support and enable your action stepsby providing you with the right guidance and tools. S.he only advises when and if the client feels stuck or asks for it explicitly.

The Health & Wellness Coach has expertise about health and wellness, and can educate you when needed on how to reach your objectives. He however does not pick the goals nor the how. He allows you to be your own expert. He does not decide what is best for you. He follows your lead.

What are my responsibilities as a client?
  1. Firslty, to engage to complete 3-months of wellness coaching ( for 3 month-plan);
  2. Next, to complete a Wellbeing Assessment;
  3. Thirdly, to engage and participate in sessions and be an actor of their health (vs a patient seeing an expert for advice) for a minimum of 5 coaching sessions;
  4. Later, sessions can be planned weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
  5. Finally, it is primordial to keep an open mind, and invite and be open to Change (as it is the main goal!)
How do coaching sessions work?
  • Initial coaching session (60-90 min.): First we review the Wellbeing Assessment and develop your personal Wellness Vision. Then we identify your priorities, strengths, and obstacles. After that we develop a personal wellness plan with 3-month and weekly goals, and set up your first steps.
  • Weekly/monthly sessions (30-40 min.): We then meet virtually or in-person to review progress towards client goals, explore challenges, find new possibilities/strategies, and set new achievable objecives for the next week.
  • 3-months review: At that time we will assess progress and celebrate your successes!

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” —Arthur Ashe

Ask for your discovery call!

Would you like to collaborate together towards your health and wellbeing? 

Trust and collaboration are really important to the wellness coaching process, so let’s get to know each other during a free  discovery consultation (30min.) over a virtual cup of joe! I can’t wait to meet you!

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