Pain is not in your head;

it’s in your brain

Chronic pain steals your life…

It takes away not only your health, but also your outings, hobbys, friends, lifestyle and even your personality. Little by little it eats at every aspect of your life and takes it over like a parasite, like a tyran. And one day we cannot recognize ourselves anymore: who have we become? What has become of our life?

The good news is that there is a way to take back your life. You can become actor of your own health and improve your pain levels on the daily! Thanks to science-backed, effective tools and techniques ignored by our modern health system, it is possible to appease physical and mental pains, regain your energy, your freedom, and build a new life worth living!

If you only treated the pain through medications and procedures, you have not tried everything yet. Let’s start treating your chronic pain properly, holistically!

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I´m Laetitia, chronic pain coach & CBT psychologist from Belgium.

After 10 years of medical errands in the US, I eventually  was diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis in addition to Hashimoto and leaky gut. That dreadful experience made me realise how much our health system was in need of a makeover! I then decided to educate myself in chronic pain treatment so that I could assist and support fellow chronic pain warriors in their quest for answers and healing.

Certified as a Health & Wellness Coach in the United States and Licensed as a CBT Clinical Counselor in Belgium, I specialised for the past 3 years in accompanying individuals who suffer from auto-immune illnesses and/or chronic pain. 

I help women feeling stuck and hopeless due to neverending invisible pain and fatigue reduce the intensity, frequency and duration of pain flares, and regain mental and physical energy, without harmful pain killers, hormonal treatments and expensive procedures.

My mission is to help you feel supported, guided and confident in your health management, plan and future, without the chemicals, loneliness, guesswork and trials and errors, thanks to mindbody pain-relieving tools & strategies that will give your a renewed sense of control over your health and life!

This program is for you if:

    • You believe in your body’s self-healing powers or a more natural approach to your symptoms
    • You trust evidence-based therapies such as Pain Reprocessing Therapy
    • You feel unheard, misunderstood and do not receive empathy from your medical providers… worse,  made to believe it’s all in your head!
    • You have tried pills, pain killers and surgical procedures and your pain is still there
    • You can see the effect stress, anxiety, distractions, or tension has on your pain at times
    • Your meds’ side-effects are worse than your symptoms
    • You feel lonely, disconnected with your body and somewhat at war within yourself
    • You feel it difficult to connect with others and nurture relationships
    • Your range of motion and activities have shrunk due to pain
    • You have poor quality sleep and find it hard to allow yourself to rest

chronic pain recovery coaching

Covered in this program

nutrition for pain & mood

Pain relief therapy & pain reprocessing

sleep quality, quantity & rest

neurosciences & psychoeducation

social & lifestyle medecine

mental load & medical burnout

dealing with fear, anxiety, depression, grief

stress management

movement/ activity pacing & avoidance

Communication & boundaries

validation & support

trauma & ANS regulation

“Chronic pain is not all about the body, and it’s not all about the brain – it’s everything. Target everything, take back your life. ” 

— Sean Mackey, MD, PhD



What is mindbody healing?

Your pain is not in your brain, and not just in your body neither.

Chronic pain is the result of the communication between your body and your brain. It is the message sent by your brain to alert of danger, and protect you from harm. The longer it has been going on, the more that message is loud and hard to quiet down. And the harder it is to treat your pain by only treating the body.

Chronic pain is always physical and psychological. It requires a holistic, global treatment that will support both the body, (the wound, nutrition, sleep), the mind (mindset, vision of life, nervous system), the spirit or psychological (grief, anxiety, emotions acceptance), and the environment (lifestyle habits, toxins, stresses). This model of treatment of chronic pain is called the bio-psychosocial model (see blog article). This model has proven its efficiency since the 70’s! But of course our sick-care system prefers to treat pain with pills and procedures. 

Work, life, moves, hardships, are so many additional stresses that can overwhelm a nervous system that is already in overload. It can make pain worse by turning up your pain dial. Together, we can teach reset your nervous system by teaching it that it is safe, and thus lower that pain dial.

We can work on each of these factors one-by-one and turn down the level of activation of your nervous system to get you back to a more calm and balanced state (called homeostasis), and teach you how to do it at home.

This is how you will find hope, wellbeing, freedom and energy again, and finally rebuild a life that is comfortable, rich in experiences and meaningful.

chronic pain recovery program

Break free from pain

Working on one key at a time to break free from the grip of pain

Recover a restorative sleep

Pain is worse when you feel tired. Here you will learn sleep hygiene to both improve your sleep quality and quantity, so that your body can heal. You will also learn what is rest, and how to trully rest!

Regulate your nervous system

Pain becomes chronic when our nervous system is blocked in survival mode. Surgeries and living with pain can be quite a traumatic experience. Studies also show us that trauma and emotions can become stuck in the body in the form of pain and inflammation. Here you will learn how to use heart coherence and mindfullness to calm your Autonomous Nervous System (ANS), support your immune system and help your body reach a state of homeostasis (balance).

Restore energy, stamina & motivation

Learn how to balance your life to treat fatigue and lethargy, regain mental and physical energy, stamina and motivation.

Learn about social medicine

Humans are social animals, so pain feels worse when we feel lonely. Learn about social medicine and how to make your social life give you energy rather than drain you, and how to build your own support system to protect your energy and decrease your pain.

Recover vitality, movement and activity

Learn about the avoidance-pain cycle and how to rewire your brain to lower your pain dial. Find out how to reintroduce gentle movement to ease pain, without overdoing it and experiencing increased pain afterwards.

Enjoy nourishing foods

With the right nutrition, you can help your body fight muscle cramping and inflammation, and thus reduce your levels of pain, but also support your immune system and mental health.

Reprocessing pain in the brain

You will learn to better listen and welcome your emotions,  how to avoid the 6F of pain reprocessing (fear, frustration, focusing, fighting, figuring out, fixing) and using Pain reprocessing techniques such as somatic tracking, biofeedback, and messages of safety.

Manage your emotions

Chronic pain comes with a roller coster of emotions that requires a strong mindset and a lot of resilience. Grief, sadness, frustration, hopelessness, depression…  and keep away from the anxiety-pain cycle.

Recover a lifestyle that fits you

Let’s experience the power of things like behavior changes, nature and sunlight on your body’s functions, mood, and healing process. With lifestyle medicine you will design a new lifestyle that fits who you are now, respects your body, your needs and present abilities, and supports your mental and physical health. See what a life that inspires you can do for you!

What it is


Holistic strategies to reduce the intensity, frequency & duration of pain flare ups

Reduce your reliance on medication and learn other science-backed strategies that do relieve pain


Breath work, relaxation and mindfulness


Awareness and management of pain triggers


Understanding the neuroscience of chronic pain


Nutrition for mood, pain & inflammation


Understanding the movement-pain cycle and implement Exercise Pacing


Implementing social medicine & lifestyle medicine strategies


Managing the environmental aspects of pain


Techniques to manage the thoughts-emotion-pain cycle


Understanding the impact of trauma in chronic pain


Vagus nerve activation techniques and Heart Rate Variability to check progress

What it is not


Medical treatment

This program is meant to be complimenting medical treatment.



I do not offer psychotherapy. As a clinical psychologist, my program does however include CBT tools and strategies.


Recommendations of procedures


Diagnosis of chronic illness


Pain management through pills

you will leave with

A better self-awareness and understanding of your symptoms & personal triggers

1 PACING strategy for home, 1 for work, 1 for your social life

An improved self-confidence and the know-how to set boundaries and protect your energy, body, priorities

Strategies to better communicate your needs to loved ones and to your care team

A nutrition plan and new eating habits that boost mood and healing, while respecting your body's needs, your tastes, but also your preferences

A list of strategies to decrease the frequency, intensity and length of your pain flares

Strategies to prevent pain and inflammation

A toolbox of mindfulness, relaxation and mind-body techniques to relax and promote rest and healing

A wellness plan and a clear direction for your future treatment plan

New life habits that are tested, healthy, durable, and protect your health and wellbeing

A lifestyle that fits you, more aligned with your present needs and values, and that motivates you and makes you want to get up in the morning!

A renewed feeling of hope, self-agency and empowerment, and a decreased - if not disappeared- anxiety

A new trust in the future

The pain relief consult

1 x 90 minute session 

You leave with a plan for your future treatment. I answer your questions, share psycho-education info, and introduce you to 1 strategy or tool of your choice to help you decrease the intensity, frequency or length of your pain flares.


“I have found my energy back, I sleep much better”

“The fact that we worked on sleep management has been a big help for me, to find my energy back as well and therefore find my self-confidence back.

My main objective was to sleep better, find my energy back, enjoy quality moments with the kids, manage a good life balance, and feel serene. These objectives seem to all  have been met and I am thrilled about my first coaching experience. “

Geraldine V.


“Coaching went far beyond my expectations”

“I wanted some help without knowing exactly in what way. In this sense, the coaching went far beyond my expectations; it allowed me to really go towards a better, find my energy back, and retake control of my life.

Coaching allowed me to eat correctly again, to then have more energy and start doing sports again…so all beneftis for my health.”

Sophie V.


Highly recommend!

Laetitia really helped me when I was new to Germany and highly overwhelmed. We tackled my anxiety together and I will always be grateful. ♡

Miranda S.


Help is on the way!

Living with a chronic condition is not easy, and you don’t have to go at it alone. 

Send me a message to schedule your first session today or schedule a discovery call.

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