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Break Free

Free from stress, fatigue, burnout and chronic pain.

Do you feel disconnected, overwhelmed, misunderstood and scared?
Do your life, health and wellness feel out of your conscious control?
Do you want to feel safe and connected, at peace, assured and proactive again?

You are in the right place.

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Welcome, I’m Laetitia!

Congratulations on taking the first step towards more personal growth!

Reaching for help is a powerful decision that requires courage and I want to provide you with the safe, accepting and non-judgemental space that will give you the opportunity to grow, persevere, progress and embrace change.

A fellow chronic pain sufferer, 10 years of medical errands made me a strong believer in healing both mind and body. I experienced first hand how feeling believed, supported and guided could speed up my recovery and how an holistic approach facilitates healing.

Now a certified Health & Wellbeing Coach in the USA and a Licensed Counselor in Belgium,  I bring you the support and structure to reclaim control over your wellbeing and health and:

    • Free yourself from fatigue, stress and negative thoughts or habits;
    • Regain the mental & physical energy to do the things you love;
    • Beat procrastination and overcome doubts and blockages to go after your dreams;
    • Gain clarity and save time, effort and frustration managing your health naturally;
    • Appease pain flares through science-backed mindbody and behavioral tools

…So that you can rebuild a life filled with joy, purpose and fulfilment

Which one is for you?

Health & Wellness Coaching

The utimate goal of coaching is personal growth and Self-realisation

During coaching sessions, the client remains the expert.

Coaching can target fulfillment and life goals, work/life balance, burnout, professional difficulties, chronic pain and chronic illness, or any health goal overall.

Why a 3-months plan?

Because 3-months is the length of time found necessary to fully experiment with new strategies, build new life habits that stand the test of time, and start seeing lasting results.

Coaching is thus not like a one-time-fix-all medical consultation, but rather a gradual evolution, a transformation process that leads to the achievement of life goals, self-realisation and personal growth.

For that reason, in addition to being open to change, one must also take the time. Time for introspection and self-discovery.

Once your 3-months goals complete, you can then choose a weekly, biweekly, monthly or even occasional coaching follow-up program, if needed.

Coaching sessions are 45 minutes long when done weekly, or 60 minutes long when biweekly or monthly, so we have time to catch up!

Each session culminates into the creation of 3-5 objectives, born from the concerns/desires brought up during our conversation that day, in order to help you progress towards your 3-months goals.

Those 3-months goals are reviewed together and readjusted monthly.

At the end of each session, you will receive your updated wellness plan, which is a document summarizing your health & wellness plan, your 3-months goals, and your new short-term goals. 

We also may chat and follow-up on Healthie and WhatsApp in between sessions.

Psychological Counselling

When concerns are heavier and create psychological distress that affect your mental and physical health, psychological counselling might be more effective.

Here you will be able to put down the weight you carry alone, in all confidentiality, and find tools on your own time to respond to your suffering and mental distress, then learn techniques to face any future difficulties.

As a clinical Psychologist (Belgian Board registered and clincial visa) trained in Cognitive-behavioural Therapies, I then wear my “expert hat” to welcome and recognise any psychological distress and teach you how to use cognitive and behavioral tools.

The goal here is to heal and reduce symptoms and get back to feeling balanced (homeostasis) and content, and to build resilience to face any future difficulty.

Sessions are solution-focused and strength-based. The therapeutic tools and techniques I inspire myself from or use during our sessions are all rooted in empirical evidence (see consultation page for more info).

Consultations are 60 minutes long, in visio.

I welcome consultations for:

  • Burnout
  • Anxiety
  • Conflicts
  • Stress management
  • Life changes & transitions
  • Loss & grief
  • Military life challenges
  • PTSD
  • Neurodiversity (autism, ADHD, Giftedness…)
  • Parenting support
  • Emotion regulation

In order to support progress in between sessions, some TCC exercises or homework might be shared with you at the end of the consultation.

Consultations can be scheduled punctually, occasionally or weekly, according to your needs.

My Services

In search for personal development and self-realisation?  Here you will find the support and structure you need to help you follow your dreams and build the personal, professional and family life you crave.

Do you suffer from an autoimmune, high blood pressure or diabetes? Are you looking to better follow doctor's orders or adopt a healthier lifestyle? I can help you establish new weight loss, nutrition and fitness habits to regain vitality and physical strength!

As a licensed counselor, I am here to help you fight inner turmoil and help you put down the burden that weighs you, push back negative thoughts and gain hope.  Learn new adaptative skills and build a resilient mindset to face any challenge.

My Programs

Feeling overwhelmed and burnout? This 3-months program helps you rebuild your physical and mental health, reach work/life balance and regain energy, self-confidence and self-agency.

Trained as a Pain Recovery Coach I offer an individualized 6-months program to answer the needs of people suffering from chronic pain & illness. Pain psycholoy, neuroplasticity, CBT and lifestyle medicine all join to help your turn down your pain dial and take back your life.

Change is possible

With the right kind of support, planning and partnership, what seemed insurmountable is now possible!

As your coach I am here to build your motivation, help you define your destination, clear up the path, discover your strengths and fears, challenge you to reach higher and to overcome road blocks. You can gain the confidence to go after your dreams, and build a life that you are proud of!

You can build happiness

Happiness is found when you are fully present in the moment, doing what brings you joy, or feelings of purpose and achievement. Let's add more of that into your life!

You have untapped potential

Each one of us has untapped potential, waiting, just outside of our comfort zone. You can gain the tools and insight to mine it. Let's challenge what's limiting you!

Small changes lead to big results

Transformation is reached through small steps. Change is in your daily habits. By creating new daily routines we can overhaul your life and health, without overwhelm.

Making a plan brings clarity

Coaching uncovers insights and pushes you to reflect in a way you would not alone. With clarity and a plan, you can finally take action steps to go after your big dreams!


You can gain the skills that will transform your life

Coaching is not a one-time-fix-all medical consultation, but rather a gradual evolution, a transformation process. It also differs from most psychological consultations in the fact that the coach is active in the process, and that it involves taking action steps and making progress towards one's goals in multiple areas of life. For that reason, in addition to being open to change, one must also take the time. The time for introspection and self-discovery. The 3-months length is therefore not chosen by chance, it is this rather the length of time proven to be needed to fully experiment with new strategies, build new life habits that stand the test of time, and to start seeing lasting results. Transformation happens one habit at a time.

Here is how I support your adventure as your coach:

écoute bienveillante

You are not alone

I am here to offer empathetic listening in the absence of judgement, and give you all my attention with compassion and kindness. I abstain from offering unwanted advise, and provide it only when required. During our sessions, you are in a safe and supportive space with a trained professional. I accompany you all along, helping you to overcome heavy emotions and limiting beliefs. I do not let you quit.

objectifs de coaching

Discover your path

It starts with visualising your ideal life to give you direction, structure and consistancy.  We then uncover your values, and establish a custom plan that is grounded and reachable. Using motivational interviewing (MI) and appreciative inquiry techniques, I help you reveal the personal qualities and the strengths that will help you surpass yourself. We will investigate what holds you down, because only what you are not aware of can block you! I help you unearth and respect your hidden needs and increase your self-awareness. We will choose short and long term objectives that encourage your sense of self-efficacy, agency and self-confidence.

coaching santé et bien-être

Unveil your inner wisdom

Through the weekly completion of SMART goals, you will experiment with a variety of strategies to reach your long term objectives. I celebrate with your successes, and help you get over any failure.  I hold you accountable, offer direct feedback and I encourage your autonomy. I might help you see the bigger picture, or zoom in on a knot. I do not shy away from questioning the limiting thoughts and beliefs that might hinder your progress. Finally, when in brainstorming mode, I will share with you ideas, tools, strategies and readings when needed.

my coaching process

Change your mindset, welcome change

Your transformation starts with YOU. Change is a part of life, but it can be overwhelming and down right scary at times. I am here to help you get out of procrastination and implement small changes that will bring out bigger changes in the future. You can gain the tools to implement change. If you allow it, the coaching process will help you change your way of thinking, surmount difficulties and overcome obstacles, to reach those positive outcomes you are seeking. This process is an adventure, and we are in it together!


coaching results


They stepped out of their comfort zone

Laetitia is really an incredible coach

“The small weekly objectives really allowed me to reach my 3 months goals. 

Laetitia is really an incredible coach all through her listening, empathy, precious advice, availability, her way of opening my eyes on some things, and her way of reacting.”

— Géraldine —

I have found my energy back, I sleep much better and I almost have no more insomnias

“My main objective was to sleep better, find my energy back, enjoy quality moments with the kids, manage a good life balance, and feel serene. These objectives seem to be met and I feel great about my first coaching experience. “

Coaching went far beyond my expectations

“I wanted some help without knowing exactly in what way. In this sense, the coaching went far beyond my expectations; it allowed me to really go towards a better, find my energy back, and retake control of my life.

Coaching allowed me to eat correctly again, to then have more energy and start doing sports again…so all beneftis for my health.”


lotus bloomed
burnout recovery

“Your trust is an honor. The seeds of change that you will sow today, you will harvest them for the rest of your life”

Your turn to see results!

Let’s set up a call to discuss what brought you here and where you are going, see if we are a good fit and perhaps set up your first appointment!