Ciao burnout & chronic pain!

I help women battling chronic pain and burnout feel empowered to rebuild a life of joy, purpose and fulfilment

Are you feeling alone, overwhelmed and confused? Are you ready to find support, retake control and recenter? You are in the right place!

what do you need?

There are times in our life we need a push to…

Overcome barriers and limitations — Find work/life balance   — Find purpose — Live with joy and positivity   — Increase self-confidence and self-awareness — Improve relationships — Get rid of anxiety — Build a strong and fit body — Restore energy and vitality  — Parent joyfully — Restore calm and serenity — Adopt a healthy lifestyle — Increase self-esteem — Build a resilient mindset — Manage weight — Lessen pain & discomfort— Cool inflammation —  Improve attention & focus — Participate actively in our health plan — Increase compliance to medical and therapeutic treatments

burnout and chronic pain coach
coach santé et bien-être


My name is Laetitia (le-ti-cia)!

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step towards more personal growth! Starting coaching is a powerful decision that requires courage, so I strive to provide you with the safe, accepting and non-judgemental space that will give you the opportunity to grow, persevere, progress and discover new ways to be you, to overcome stress, pain, negativity and beat burnout.

I give busy caretakers the support, structure and cognitive and behavioural tools they need to free themselves from draining habits, chronic stress, pain & negative thoughts so that they can  transform their health and lives, and feel fulfilled, purposeful and joyful again.

take back the controls

Your goals are within reach!


With the right kind of support, planning and partnership, what seemed insurmountable is now possible! As your coach I am here to help you define your destination, clear up the path, and discover your strengths and blocages and give you new tools to be on your journey to your ideal life, physical health and wellbeing.

coaching session

Life Coaching

Find balance between life and work. Feel empowered to build the work, personal and family life you crave in order to find joy every day. Find your purpose and values to make your everyday a life worth getting up for!



burnout recovery

Wellness Coaching

Find what energises you and what feeds your soul and mental health. Build a strong, resilient and positive mindset and find that inner peace in order to say goodbye to negative thoughts and ruminations for good!



health coaching

Health Coaching

  Reclaim your health by making gradual behavioural changes and build a fitness and nutrition routine, you can regain vitality and physical strength, and keep yourself in a state of optimal health, naturally.




They stepped out of their comfort zone

Laetitia is really an incredible coach

“The small weekly objectives really allowed me to reach my 3 months goals. 

Laetitia is really an incredible coach all through her listening, empathy, precious advice, availability, her way of opening my eyes on some things, and her way of reacting.”

— Géraldine —

I have found my energy back, I sleep much better and I almost have no more insomnias

“My main objective was to sleep better, find my energy back, enjoy quality moments with the kids, manage a good life balance, and feel serene. These objectives seem to be met and I feel great about my first coaching experience. “

Coaching went far beyond my expectations

“I wanted some help without knowing exactly in what way. In this sense, the coaching went far beyond my expectations; it allowed me to really go towards a better, find my energy back, and retake control of my life.

Coaching allowed me to eat correctly again, to then have more energy and start doing sports again…so all beneftis for my health.”


lotus bloomed

“Each and every morning we are reborn again. It is what we do today that matters the most.”

Your turn to see results!

Let’s set up a call to discuss what brought you here, and if we are the right fit, set up your first appointment!