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Unsure what would benefit you most? Schedule your first free 20-30 min. meeting call to see if and how I can best help you.

You may also fill in the form or call me directly. I do not answer the phone during sessions in order to be fully present, so please leave your info and a short message and I will call back as soon as I am available.

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Following our discussion, I invite you to reserve a time for your first session or consultation. You can do that on the phone, or schedule it directly onto my online calendar.

Want the same time every week? You can book multiple sessions up to 30 days in advance.


Before your appointment, please make sure that your session plan / consultation is purchased and that all intake paperwork and the wellness assessment have been completed on the secured Healthie platform. Information and paperwork will be sent to you once your appointment is confirmed.

Which one is for me?

Health & Wellness Coaching

The utimate goal of coaching is personal growth and Self-realisation

During coaching sessions, the client remains the expert.

Coaching can target fulfillment and life goals, work/life balance, burnout, professional difficulties, chronic pain and chronic illness, or any health goal overall.

Why a 3-months plan?

Because 3-months is the length of time found necessary to fully experiment with new strategies, build new life habits that stand the test of time, and start seeing lasting results.

Coaching is thus not like a one-time-fix-all medical consultation, but rather a gradual evolution, a transformation process that leads to the achievement of life goals, self-realisation and personal growth.

For that reason, in addition to being open to change, one must also take the time. Time for introspection and self-discovery.

Once your 3-months goals complete, you can then choose a weekly, biweekly, monthly or even occasional coaching follow-up program, if needed.

Coaching sessions are 45 minutes long when done weekly, or 60 minutes long when biweekly or monthly, so we have time to catch up!

Each session culminates into the creation of 3-5 objectives, born from the concerns/desires brought up during our conversation that day, in order to help you progress towards your 3-months goals.

Those 3-months goals are reviewed together and readjusted monthly.

At the end of each session, you will receive your updated wellness plan, which is a document summarizing your health & wellness plan, your 3-months goals, and your new short-term goals. 

We also may chat and follow-up on Healthie and WhatsApp in between sessions.

Psychological Counselling

When concerns are heavier and create psychological distress that affect your mental and physical health, psychological counselling might be more effective.

Here you will be able to put down the weight you carry alone, in all confidentiality, and find tools on your own time to respond to your suffering and mental distress, then learn techniques to face any future difficulties.

As a clinical Psychologist (Belgian Board registered and clincial visa) trained in Cognitive-behavioural Therapies, I then wear my “expert hat” to welcome and recognise any psychological distress and teach you how to use cognitive and behavioral tools.

The goal here is to heal and reduce symptoms and get back to feeling balanced (homeostasis) and content, and to build resilience to face any future difficulty.

Sessions are solution-focused and strength-based. The therapeutic tools and techniques I inspire myself from or use during our sessions are all rooted in empirical evidence (see consultation page for more info).

Consultations are 60 minutes long, in visio.

I welcome consultations for:

  • Burnout
  • Anxiety
  • Conflicts
  • Stress management
  • Life changes & transitions
  • Loss & grief
  • Military life challenges
  • PTSD
  • Neurodiversity (autism, ADHD, Giftedness…)
  • Parenting support
  • Emotion regulation

In order to support progress in between sessions, some TCC exercises or homework might be shared with you at the end of the consultation.

Consultations can be scheduled punctually, occasionally or weekly, according to your needs.

online coaching

What to expect:


  • 30 min. for the Discovery Call;
  • 90 min. for the Wellness Assessment (10′ questionnaire) + creation of your “Wellness vision” (can be cut in 2);
  • 45 min./ weekly session;
  • 60 min./ (bi-)monthly session or consultations
NB: I aim to stay flexible about length of session in order to encourage introspection 🙂

Location: locally in Vilseck and Grafenwoehr area / Online in teleconference with Zoom, WhatsApp or on the Healthie portal.

Rate: see programs (see below for payment).

How to ensure a fruitful teleconsultation?

Online consultations follow the same framework and guidelines as in person sessions.

For a productive session online, thank you for ensuring you have: 

  1. a fast internet connection and a reliable computer;
  2. good quality sound speakers or headphones;
  3. a good quality video camera and appropriate lighting;
  4. a calm space, free of distractions and noise; 
  5. a space where you feel safe and secure and where you can talk in all confidentiality.
work-life balance

Our sessions are completely confidential. I respect both the deontology code of the coach and that of the Psychologist.

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Coaching FAQ

Do you guarantee confidentiality?

Yes, of course!

I am an independent practitioner and I am not linked to any governmental agency. In sessions with me you have a right to privacy and complete confidentiality.

As a Coach and as a Clinical Psychologist, I offer neutral and professional help in a benevolent and confidential setting according to both the Coach and the Belgian Psychologists Code of Deontology.

For this reason, our sessions and messages take place on encrypted platforms or in private spaces.

What does a Health and Wellbeing Coach do?

A Health and Wellbeing Coach is a skilled mentor trained to guide you toward your optimal well-being. He assist clients in creating individualized lifestyle and diet routines to improve their health and wellbeing.

In my practice, I:

  1. Work with you to define a vision of your ideal state of health and wellbeing based on your values, priorities and needs;
  2. Help you uncover and expand your strengths;
  3. Listen to you and ask insightful questions;
  4. Promote self-acceptance, self-respect and self-esteem;
  5. Energise and challenge you to reach higher at the right moment;
  6. Celebrate your successes;
  7. Show you how to coach yourself so you can replicate your successes;
  8. Help you overcome your personal barriers and limitations or negative thinking;
  9. Stay kind-hearted, supportive and compassionate;
  10. Offer a safe space free of judgment;
  11. Encourage your independence and autonomy;
  12. Encourage your self-efficacy – the trust that you can accomplish things on your own;
  13. Offer education, guidance and ideas only when desired or necessary
Is teleconsultation as efficient as face-to-face sessions?

Short answer is: yes, it is!

The efficiency of telehealth has been proven through mutliples studies. Those studies show that the benefits of CBT therapy online is equal to those of CBT therapy face-to-face. The same goes for coaching, where teleconsultation is a ;ore common occurence.

Here are a couple of articles on this topic:

The concern is usually that consultations online will not be as comfortable and personable as consultations face-to-face. It can be true for example that body language is less easy to detect on screen. This issue can however be mitigated by ensuring a quality video, lighting conditions, and making appropriate use of silence. I also offer a 30′ free discovery call so you can see if this will work for you.

All-in-all, online consultation does actually offer a few advantages compared to in-person session:
– it is accessible to people who otherwise could not access such services locally; 

– it saves time (no traveling back and forth);

– it is more convenient (it allows you to have a session from the comfort of your own home or office);

– it often is more affordable;

– it better respects your privacy and health (no meeting people on the street, in hallways or waiting rooms).


Wellbeing Coach vs Psychologist

Warning: Coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy, or psychiatric or medical treatments 

Coaching vs Psychotherapy

Coaching and Psychotherapy are two complementary methodologies that correspond to different stages of well-being. When someone is in depression, they need the expertise of a mental health professional (psychologist or psychotherapist or counselor) in order to regain their initial balance and state of well-being.

The coach however, intervenes when someone wants to grow and journey towards their ideal of health and well-being. Wherever the Psychotherapist often focuses and is trained to go dig deep to work on someone’s past, the coach focuses more and works on building the future.

The coach thus works as a complement to health experts (doctors, therapists). She takes the time –where the doctor often doesn’t have it, to find strategies in order to support the patient’s objectives. She supports his/her client’s expertise, and will help him/her follow the plan put in place by the experts in order to increase the patient’s compliance to treatment.

Health Coach vs Fitness Coach

Warning: Coaching is not a substitute for mediacl treatment or psychotherapy!

Health Coaching vs Fitness Coach

A fitness coach is an expert in fitness who will create an exercise program for you in order to reach a particular fitness goal. The fitness coach directs, advises and shares his expertise.

As your health coach on the other hand, I listen. I will not push, blame you, or force you to do anything.

I accept and encourage your expertise about your health, wellbeing and goals: Does an exercise hurt? Is there one you enjoy better? Which one are you most likely to follow in the long run?

Through coaching tools and methodologies, I support your objectives and work collaboratively to create your personalized health and wellbeing plan, and define your short and long term goals afterwards. 

My objective as your health coach is to motivate you, to encourage you, to support and enable your action steps. I only advise or guide when and if you feel stuck or ask for it explicitly.

The main difference is that this is not an exercise program pushed on you, that you will stop as soon as training is done. Rather I brainstorm with you a fitness routine or diet based on your personal health, needs, preferences, and long term objectives. And I encourage you to put in place new habits (life, exercise, fitness, diet) and a routine that you will be able to follow in the long term, because it fits who you are and what you want your life to be.

This is what makes the results of my health coaching durable.

For those who already know what exercise routine they want to put in place, I am here to support you, provide structure and follow-up, and hold you accountable all along the way.

What are my responsibilities as a client?
  1. Firslty, to engage to complete 3-months of wellness coaching ( for 3 month-plan);
  2. Next, to complete a Wellbeing Assessment;
  3. Thirdly, to engage and participate in sessions and be an actor of their health (vs a patient seeing an expert for advice) for a minimum of 5 coaching sessions;
  4. Later, sessions can be planned weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
  5. Finally, it is primordial to keep an open mind, and invite and be open to Change (as it is the main goal!)
How do coaching sessions work?
  • Initial coaching session (60-90 min.): First we review the Wellbeing Assessment and develop your personal Wellness Vision. Then we identify your priorities, strengths, and obstacles. After that we develop a personal wellness plan with 3-month and weekly goals, and set up your first steps.
  • Weekly/monthly sessions (30-40 min.): We then meet virtually or in-person to review progress towards client goals, explore challenges, find new possibilities/strategies, and set new achievable objecives for the next week.
  • 3-months review: At that time we will assess progress and celebrate your successes!

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